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Our company, established as a sole trader company by our father Primo at the beginning of the 1970s, evolved over the years.

We work in the Polesine region, in the province of Rovigo in particular. Garlic production in this area has always been excellent, which allowed us to develop our interest in this particular plant that has been used for centuries (the ancient Egyptians were familiar with it).

Other than garlic, our range of products includes shallots, some varieties of squash and, to a lesser extent, onions and ginger.

Changes in the market and the need to have products available all year round prompted us to search for goods available in different parts of the world, thus overcoming the availability restrictions (linked to the plants' natural cycles) that were typical of the early days of our company's life.

Refrigerators with controlled temperature and humidity allow us to store our products, so we can supply our customers with garlic, shallots and squashes all year round.

Most of our customers are wholesale sellers (from markets and discount stores). We provide them with controlled products and deliver quickly and on time. Our philosophy:

  • To always provide a good quality product at the right price, which allows us to work well and, most importantly, satisfies our customers.
  • To be prepared to listen to the needs of our customers and take advice on kinds of products, packaging, transport and times of goods deliveries.
  • To comply with art. 3 of Lgs. D. no. 155/97 and Reg. EC no. 852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs (H.A.C.C.P.)
  • To follow a system of traceability of food products as required by Reg. CE n° 178/2002.
  • To perform chemical analyses to check that residues are in the limits established by the laws in force and regarding the safety of foodstuffs.
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We import garlic from Italian manufacturers and assemble..
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We import garlic from Italian manufacturers and assemble
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We sell pumpkins in different varieties.
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